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Who are we?

Have you ever wondered how some of your favourite products from Toronto growers ended up on the wine lists at restaurants or the shelves of liquor stores?

We are a group of independent Toronto alcohol delivery producer representatives, often rivals.

We've teamed together to offer you some of the most excellent beverages made by small, family-run businesses in British Columbia.

Why do this?

Access to excellent beverages was altered for Victorians by Covid19 and Social Distancing. So, in addition to assisting you in staying safe, we also wanted to help local Toronto beverage producers, locals, and businesses.

Now, we still provide a secure option to get some of the hottest beverages from Toronto and other global beverage makers.

About Us

After Hours Liquor Delivery has made it a priority to promote regional, independent, and family-owned Toronto beverage makers ever since it first opened its doors in 2007.

We created this delivery service because we wanted to assist the independent family producers and ensure that our local community could still enjoy delicious locally made beverages throughout social isolation.

Phase 2 enables us to keep delivering Toronto goods to your home, but we’ve extended it to include shipping across Toronto.

PLACE A HOME ORDER and get your alcohol delivery!

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What Do We Deliver?

Wine: We have a variety of brands, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and more.

Beer is a need for every celebration, and we can provide all the well-known brands sold at either The Beer Store or the LCBO.

Alcohol: If you can purchase it at a liquor shop, we can deliver it.

Items from Convenience Stores: A convenience shop is usually nearby when picking up your Toronto booze delivery. Chips, chocolate bars, or any other goodies you might be seeking can be picked up by us with no problem. Don’t forget the zigzags or the smokes.

Make alcohol delivery!